A Global Standard In Higher Education


EACFHE is invited to Global Education Conference in Nov, 2019.

EACFHE signs Memorandum of Understanding with International Network of Education Institutes.


    "Our aim is to ensure students in the European Countries have access to high quality education and can study in institutions which are respected world-wide."

  • Our Vision

    "Improve higher education standards in European countries and disseminate information among its members & stakeholders to ensure best strategies are charted to foster continuous development and progress of the education sector."

About Us

European Accreditation Council For Higher Education is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization established for the improvement and continuous development of higher education across the European countries. Our standards continue to play with fundamental role and have become the benchmark of quality all over the world. With EACFHE accreditation, students, employers and institutions can be confident that a program or institute meets the quality standards that produce graduates prepared to enter a global workforce. EACFHE provides programmatic and institutional accreditation and equivalency certificates for individuals seeking to work or study in any European country.

Our more than 1,433 experts come from industry, academic and government background. These experts give their time and effort to support our mission to drive quality in higher education and related activities by serving as program evaluators, commissioners, advisors and board members. We have formed a team of evaluators who assess degree program or institute for accreditation. EACFHE's evaluation process is highly respected and valued by individuals and institutes all over the world because it adds value, where quality and standards are of the utmost importance.

Our Values

Our quality assurance approaches adhere to following values:

  • Transparency

    EACFHE ensures transparency in its policies, procedures and criteria for decisions and reports

  • Independence

    EACFHE independently acts as a catalyst to improve higher education standards in Europe

  • Collaboration

    EACFHE works in collaboration with its members, affiliates and global partners

  • Integrity

    EACFHE operates as a fair, equitable, impartial and professional organization